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Whether your company or application was born in the cloud or transitioning to the cloud, you need tools to build and manage your infrastructure. Terraform from Hashicorp is one such tool that allows you to declare infrastructure as code in a simple, easy to understand language. Managing your infrastructure as code bridges the gap between dev and ops and provides an opportunity to include infrastructure management as part of the development lifecycle. When environments are declared in code they can be shared and used across your organization to provide consistent environments for CI/CD tooling and also that align with your production environment.

In this course we will teach you Terraform using AWS as an example. Together we will walk through the basics of Terraform and ultimately create real infrastructure in AWS along the way. It is recommended that students sign up for an AWS Free Tier account.

Who should attend?

Anyone interested in building infrastructure in the cloud using code.

✓ Understanding Infrastructure As A Code
✓ Features of Terraform
✓ Terraform Architecture
✓ HashiCorp Configuration Language
✓ Provider and Resources
✓ Terraform Commands
✓ Tainting and Updating Resources
✓ Resource Dependencies (Implicit & Explicit)
✓ Terraform Variables
✓ Terraform Console and Output
✓ Data Source
✓ Terraform State

✓ Terraform Workspace
✓ Modules
✓ Built-in Functions
✓ Terraform Loops
✓ Terraform Conditions
✓ Provisioners and Connections
✓ Debugging Terraform
✓ Terraform with AWS Examples

Starting Course

Quiz: Mobile / Native Apps
16 questions

After Intro

Faq Content 1
Faq Content 2

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