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This course will help you to gain understanding how to deploy, use, and maintain your applications on Kubernetes. If you are into DevOps, this is a technology you need to master. Kubernetes has gained a lot of popularity lately and it is a well sought skill by companies. You can containerize applications using Docker. You can then run those containers on your servers, but there’s no way you can manage those efficiently without extra management software. Kubernetes is an orchestrator for your containers that will create, schedule and manage your containers on a cluster of servers. Kubernetes can run on-premise or in the cloud, on a single machine or on thousands of machines.

We will show you how to build apps in containers using docker and how to deploy those on a Kubernetes cluster. We will explain you how to setup your own cluster on your desktop, or on the cloud using AWS. We use a real world example to show you the real power of Kubernetes

Who should attend?

There is no prior knowledge needed, but a dev/ops/cloud/linux/networks background will definitely help

✓ Understanding Need of Container Orchestration
✓ Kubernetes Architecture
✓ Install and Configure Master & Nodes
✓ Understanding Master Components
✓ Understanding Node Components
✓ Kubectl: Exploring our Environment
✓ Kubernetes Objects
✓ Create and Deploy Pod Definitions
✓ Labels and Selectors
✓ Scaling and Replication
✓ Deployments State and Rollout
✓ Service Definitions
✓ HealthChecks: Liveness & Readiness Probes
✓ Volume definition

✓ PersistentVolume and PersistentVolumeClaims
✓ Secrets and ConfigMap
✓ Namespace & Managing Container Resources
✓ Resource Quotas and LimitRange
✓ Logs and Autoscaling Pods
✓ Pod Lifecycle and Pod Conditions
✓ Release Strategies: Blue/Green & Canary Deployment
✓ Packaging and Deploying using Helm Charts
✓ Service Mesh using Istio
✓ Realtime Examples

Starting Course

Quiz: Mobile / Native Apps
16 questions

After Intro

Faq Content 1
Faq Content 2

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