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Hello There, Welcome to Wezva and my name is Adam !

When I first wanted to learn about DevOps, I looked around and found a ton of articles, blogs and YouTube videos. But they were missing something. Most of them used complex terms that I was expected to know. In-order to understand I then had to go find other videos/blogs to learn these basics first, this was leading into much of confusions and spending most of the time on unwanted topics. There were no proper place from where I could start my journey into learning and was clueless on where to start, how to proceed and where to go next.

Especially for those who are like me from an non IT background would face a Nightmare to get even a single command run successfully. Once I learnt the theory, I had to struggle a lot to set up my own lab which would give the realistic view of what i have been learning. The labs were difficult and costly to set up and were for specific cloud platforms like Azure/AWS. So to even setup a simple server and get hands on I had to have ample background knowledge on advanced topics like security, networking etc. So it took me a lot of time to understand them and gain expertize.

This is why I decided to create THE BEST TRAINING EXPERIENCE ON DevOps which would help everyone to understand the topics in a easier way and gain confidence. Not just any course but a training that explains concepts from the absolute basics to the complex ones and not just learn but practice with real time scenarios. Thus preparing you for your dream career and be up-to-date with the Industry needs.

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